A Year of Time

A Year of Time

You’re a busy professional. A daughter. A mom. A wife. You’re driven, successful, and you like to please people.

But you’re exhausted. Time starved. You know something’s missing — that you could be enjoying life so much more — but you’re not willing to give up what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Amen, sister. I’ve been there. That’s why I created A Year of Time. For you. For me. For every woman who’s endlessly wondering how she never has enough time to do the things she loves.

Picture yourself a year from now. You’re gracefully making your way through your days, wildly successful in your career and absolutely dedicated to your family, but you’re calm. Collected. And thoroughly enjoying the heck out of your days. In fact, you’ve managed to:

  • Vanquish the ‘Time Thieves’ who were once busy stealing what little you have of this precious, and fixed, asset called time
  • Gain laser-focused clarity on your number 1 priority
  • Diminish the “Glorification of Busy”
  • Find ways every day to spend time actually enjoying your life
  • That’s what A Year of Time is all about.

    A Year of Time is 365 ways to reclaim, realign, and reboot your life. And it’s exactly what you need right now.

    In A Year of Time, you’ll get a short + sweet, yet powerful + thought-provoking email from me every morning for a whole year.

    That’s 365 lessons in getting a handle on what time truly is and how to take advantage of it.

    In less than two minutes a day — the time it takes you to brush your teeth — you’ll be prodded, nudged, and inspired by me to get the most out of life, without letting any more of your precious time slip away.

    What’s in A Year of Time

    Here’s a small sampling of the weekly themes (remember — there’s 52 of ‘em!):

  • What does a quality life look like to you?
  • Hobbies, anyone?
  • Squashing the “Glorification of Busy”
  • Slay your Time Thieves!
  • Are you living, or just existing?
  • How does A Year of Time work?

  • An email from me will magically land in your inbox each morning from the moment you sign up
  • You’ll take two minutes each day to read through the email {remember, I’m here to help you reclaim your time, not to take it from you!}, then a few minutes to truly meditate on the wisdom shared and how you can use it {I highly recommend keeping a journal}
  • Plus:

  • For each of the 365 days in your A Year of Time program, I’m available to you for Accountability Nudges, guidance, and celebrations via email. Questions, challenges, random comments? All are welcome. Just shoot me an email, and I’ll respond in one business day, or sooner!
  • Say it with me – “I can’t WAIT to get my time back!”

    What’ll A Year of Time cost you?

    A Year of Time is a simple, one-time payment of $175 {Half Off the full price of $350 for a very limited time!}. That’s right – for less than two quarters a day, you’ll learn how to slay your Time Thieves, create a new, meaningful understanding of time, and improve each and every relationship in your life.

    Heart pumping yet? Can’t wait to get started? All it takes is a click on the green banner below. Then get your dancing shoes ready – you’re about to take your life back! 

    Need a more streamlined payment plan?

    I’ve got you. I never want money to be the barrier in keeping you from reclaiming your life. Payment plan #2 gives you the chance to pay just $1 for the first month, and $18/month for the remainder of the year. That’s a total price of $199 {but only for a limited time}

    Time is scary. It’s frustrating. But it’s going to be okay, because I’m right here with you.

    Let this be the year that you finally obliterate the time thieves from your life, live more intentionally, and focus on what matters most!


    People are singing the praises of  A Year of Time

    “Lisa’s program is EXACTLY what I need. In this program, I’m learning how to keep my priorities top of mind daily, stop participating in the glorification of being soooo busy, and carve out the time I need to incorporate activities that bring nothing but pure joy to my day-to-day. This program provides the know-how and the inspiration to lead by example for my own coaching clients. This program is seriously genius and I recommend it to anyone who wants to, as Lisa so beautifully puts it, “change your relationship with time.” ~ Coach Jennie, The Audacity Coach

    “This program is exactly what I needed to focus on my priorities and quit wasting so much of my valuable time. After one week I was already reaping the benefits of found time – my life is so much calmer now. Just knowing that I am living more intentionally has made a huge difference in how I look at things (especially my commitments!)”  ~ Sophie L

    “I love it! … thought-provoking, short and sweet, very worthwhile and intriguing – I want to know what’s coming next. Spending time (however short) thinking about time certainly concentrates the mind!” ~ Clare Lyon, copywriter 

    “I got clear today on my two biggest time thieves…I know that your course has helped me get a handle on this. …Tomorrow morning my mantra will be, ‘Treat yourself well – live out your purpose.’” ~ Majo John Madden

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