I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous Holiday Season!

But, first I have a story that I desperately want to share with you during this time of reflection and joy, family and love – and of the dreams of prosperity for the coming New Year. 

“If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a wonderful Christmas.”

Sounds poetic, even a little bit funny, doesn’t it? But it’s not truly the case. Hear me out.

This is the story of If.

When If was a little boy he had all the charm and good looks one could dream, nay dare, to have. Eyes that looked straight into your soul, and that twinkled – like Santa’s, yeah, like Santa’s. Eyes that were always smiling and laughing: not at you – but with you, because of you, in celebration of you, and sometimes even in spite of you and your self-doubts.

But like all little boys, If grew up. It happens – there’s just no use fighting it.

If was magnetic. He attracted everyone far and wide to his side. “If only I looked like If, I’d be popular,” guys would declare. “If I could just find someone like If to love me and to be all mine,” gals would dreamily pine, “then I’d finally be happy!”

If loved everyone he ever met – sincerely and truly, completely and wholly. And the people loved him in return.

If matured as he walked down life’s path; the road peppered with challenges which would leave their mark on him, one by one. And even though he felt like he was still struggling to ‘arrive‘ himself; everyone adored him, wanted to be like him, wanted to *be* him.

If had an aura around him, a beacon blazing as bright as the sun. As is true with so many radiantly brilliant flares of light – If’s light was doused out much too soon – a life full of promise cut down much. too. short.

Dreams died.

Sorrow followed.

All the happiness left the world.

But If left behind a secret – hope. If‘s greatest desire was that all those he loved and all those who loved him would stop wanting to be something other than the greatness they already are. In the end, If taught many who were older and seemingly wiser – including me – that life’s too short to always want to be something more than you already are.

It’s ok to dream – it’s *actually* encouraged!

However, instead of wanting everything you don’t have – focus on what you CAN achieve, what you already HAVE, and what you already DO each day to lighten and brighten the world.

Then If can become for you, as If is for me, an impassioned reminder that YOU! ARE! ENOUGH! And everything in this world that you think you want – you CAN go out there and get it!

But, please … just don’t lose YOU in the desperate search of “If.”

Merry Christmas and have a fabulous Holiday Season – and a very safe & wonderful New Year!

*Dedicated in Memory of Joshua


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