Unveiling Project Better Life – a 21-day Life Hack

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So what’s Project Better Life all about? Here’s the 411…

Lots of people pay lip service to wanting a better life, but the only way to actually improve your life is to do something about it.

Project Better Life provides Ninja Life Hacks for seven key areas of your life in short+sexy emails for, yep you got it, 21 amazing days:

  • Health / Exercise
  • Money
  • Work
  • Relationships / Family
  • Time
  • Spiritual
  • Recreation / Hobbies

You can join Project Better Life – a 21 day community bootcamp experience led by the Time Thief Ninja Slayer {Hey, That’s me!}, where you’ll learn 21 “ninja life hacks” for dramatically improving your life before the holidays approach!

It all starts with 21 short, sassy, & sexy daily emails in your inbox on how to upgrade, or level up, your life in these seven areas – specifically in terms of your ability to focus your time on your priorities.

There’s even a private Facebook Group, if you totally love that sort of thing; and a neat home for it right here on the Do Stuff You Love website, which happens to be my favorite home on the interwebs. 

Just fill out the pretty box below to join me for Project Better Life.

And never forget, that today is a present, a gift if you will, so get out there and unwrap it!

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