Take Your Life Back!! Self-Study Course

Are your greatest ideas and biggest ambitions buried in the back of your closet, covered in cobwebs?

Does your better-half grumble and groan about never getting to spend any time with you?

Have you given up on the pastimes, the hobbies, and the self-indulgences that you relished in once upon a time?

Is your vision of going back to school, switching careers, or starting a business just a dusty pipe dream?

Do you fantasize about the day that you can set the to-do list aside and spend more time with that darling family of yours?

If the sheer chaos and utter pandemonium of everyday life is the only thing standing between you and those hopes and dreams of yours, you’re in the right place.

Life doesn’t have to be a soul-crushing succubus that bleeds you dry of your dreams. Weekly meal plans and soccer schedules, be damned. It’s about time that you commit to LIVING this life you’re blessed with.







Your calendar looks more like a Tetris board than it does a schedule. Your kids keep you running from one place to the next until you collapse into a heap of worked-too-hard pudding at the day’s end. Your job has you frantically laboring from sunup to sundown. You don’t have a magic wand, a time machine, or a clone of yourself to order around. How are you supposed to make the time in your frenzied life for the things you love to do and dream to achieve?

It’s simple, really.

No, no… I didn’t say EASY.

I said simple.

It’s basic.

It’s fundamental.

But it is tough.

The Take Your Life Back course is not for the casual dabbler in all things self-improvement. This program is deliberately designed for those who are fiercely driven to radically shift their perspective and priorities to focus on what they WANT out of life. It is engineered specifically for people who are ready to get back into the driver’s seat of life, steer it toward their dreams, and push the pedal to the floor.

In the course, I will equip you with a tool-belt packed to the brim with real strategies for peeling away the chaos and infusing your routine with the ecstasy that comes from a fulfilling life of big dreams and better-spent days.





  • Identify the top soul-sucking, time-consuming elements that are holding you back from your big dream.
  • Find out precisely how you’re spending those chaotic 168 hours of each week. Yes, all 168 of ’em!





  • Decide once and for all what your priorities are, what needs your unbridled attention, and when it will all get done.
  • Determine exactly what has to be tackled, what can be trimmed down, and what must be tossed in order to make time for what’s really important to you.





  • Unearth the invaluable, golden nuggets of free time hiding below the surface of the hustle and bustle in your day.
  • Reorganize your life with your newly minted awareness and waste-shredding skills and infuse it once again with fulfilling work and joyous play.





  • Craft a sustainable, long-term plan for keeping the joy front and center and achieving the things once only your dreams could deliver.
  • Celebrate your new-found bliss each and every day and finally begin to look forward to what the future holds for you and for those you hold dear.


Let’s Get Down to the Nitty Gritty

The Take Your Life Back! Course is not some massive program that will hog your already-scarce time. I know you’re busy. I know you’re at your wit’s end trying to wrestle with the clock. But I also know you’re here because you need help getting back in control of the unleashed beast we call life.





The Self Study rendition of the course is ideal for commuters, those with upside-down schedules (read: night-owls, third-shifters, etc.), and folks with a penchant for moving at their own pace.

  • Downloadable PDF version of all four weekly modules to read and progress through at your own pace
  • Estimated Time Budget tracking spreadsheet and Actual Time Spending tracking spreadsheet
  • Access to the marvelous community over at the TYLB Facebook Group for community support

I am committed to helping you make it to the other side of your battle with time. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at Lisa@DoStuffYouLove.com.