Welcome to Do Stuff You Love!

What’s up with the glorification of busy?

When’s the last time you answered “Busy” when asked how you were doing? *hint: if it’s more than zero, you need a refresh button.

Do Stuff You Love is that refresh button.

This site is filled with helpful free email courses, tips, and hints on how to:

  • slay your time thieves
  • focus on what really matters most
  • get back to savoring life’s precious moments – before they slip away from you.

Be forewarned – you only have this one chance at life. Each week 168 hours pass, never to be reclaimed again. You can’t buy more time, you can’t make more time, you can’t even steal more time.

But the most shocking truth of all – you can’t save time for later.

The sooner you recognize this, the sooner you can start making the most of each and every week – now, before it’s too late!

If you’d like to start on the first of many journeys together towards reclaiming your life, check out the free 13-day email courseĀ Do Your One Thing.

If you already know that your life is woefully out of control, find out more about scheduling a free 30-minute Punt the Pandemonium sesh here. We’ll get to the bottom of what’s stealing your precious time and help you focus on what matters most.

Until we see each other again!


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